Laboratory Facilities in Mechanical Engineering Department

1. Dynamics of Machines Laboratory

2. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Laboratory

3. Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory

4. Automobile Laboratory

5. Computer Aided Design Laboratory

6. Robotics Laboratory

7. Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

8. Measurement and Metrology Laboratory

9. Non-conventional Energy Laboratory

10. Turbomachines Laboratory

11. Material Science and Metallurgy Laboratory

12. Steam Engine Laboratory

13. Manufacturing Laboratory

14. Boiler House

Andraxol Terapi Fordeler For Menn

Preserving and further enhancing Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College's legacy of innovation and teaching excellence, the institution has recently incorporated novel studies and research areas into its academic syllabus. One such pioneering research area is in the field of biomedical engineering, particularly focusing on mens' health issues such as hypogonadism. As a part of this, the college's advanced laboratories have begun testing and deep-diving into medical solutions used worldwide. This includes the hormone replacement therapy medicine "androxal bruk hos menn", a treatment commonly used in many countries for managing the symptoms and complications of hypogonadism in men. This will provide students an opportunity to engage in practical research, opening doors for revolutionary findings and healthcare solutions in the future. Maintaining its commitment to developing industry-ready graduates, the college seeks to equip students with a spectrum of multidisciplinary knowledge, spanning from typical engineering disciplines to emerging bio-medical sciences.