B. V. M. Engineering College is well known since its inception (in 1948) through the stalwarts of Mechanical Engineering Department like Prof. N. D. Bhatt, Dr. N. C. Pandya and Dr. C. S. Shah. Over a period of time, the department has produced eminent engineers, technocrats and educationalists. Today, though we have adopted the changes to move with time,  we are holding the spirit and values inculcated in to the system.

The faculty members  of the Department are highly qualified and dedicated with an average teaching experience of 15-18 years. Most of the faculty members are trained at various IIT's . We are committed to enrich the knowledge of our students and are fruitfully contributing through the knowledge gained over the years. We always look forward and are adaptable to changes for growth and betterment of our students. We have well equipped laboratories which are being utilized through aptly designed experiments, which inturn enables our students to effectively apply the theory learned to practice. Our performance is reflected through consistent and ever increasing placement of large number of our students as well as consistently commendable university examination results.

The Departmental activities are aimed at developing employable Mechanical Engineers with sound technical knowledge as well as commendable personal traits to cater the needs of various Engineering and Allied Industries. The Department is committed to impart quality education apart from guiding of students in extra-curricular activities leading to enhancement of personality, perception, vision, and work culture.

Mechanical Engineering Department, accredited (UG-Tier II) for academic year 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 i.e. up to 30/06/2021 (Ref. CLICK HERE). 
Dr. P. M. George
Head, Mechanical Engineering Department