Since its founding in 1948, B.V.M. Engineering College has gained acclaim, particularly through the esteemed Mechanical Engineering Department, established by distinguished figures such as Prof. N. D. Bhatt, Dr. N. C. Pandya, and Dr. C. S. Shah. This department has been a bastion of excellence, cultivating eminent engineers, technocrats, and educationalists who have made significant contributions to their fields. While embracing innovation and change, we remain steadfast in upholding the core values and spirit instilled from our inception.

Our faculty is the backbone of our department, bringing an average of 15-18 years of teaching experience and a rich background of training from prestigious IITs. This dedicated team is committed to enriching our students' knowledge, drawing on their extensive expertise to foster a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive. Our approach is forward-thinking and adaptive, ensuring that we continually evolve to meet the needs of our students and the ever-changing landscape of engineering education.

The department is not just focused on theoretical knowledge but also on practical application, as evidenced by our well-equipped laboratories, including the newly developed 3D Printing and Smart Manufacturing Laboratory. These facilities enable students to translate theory into practice through carefully designed experiments, enhancing their understanding and skills in real-world scenarios.

Our commitment to excellence is also demonstrated through our students' achievements. The Robotics Society (TRS), a student chapter at BVM, has garnered a total prize money of Rs 98.85 lakhs in various national level competitions recently, showcasing our students' innovation and competitiveness. Furthermore, our SAE-BAJA student chapter consistently excels in the national level ATV competition, SAE-BAJA. In 2023, the team achieved the eighth runner-up position overall, with additional accolades as the first runner-up in both the validation event and the Sled Pull event. In 2024, the team continued its success by securing the first runner-up position in the validation event, highlighting our department's strength in fostering practical engineering skills and teamwork.

Our departmental activities are designed to develop not only technically proficient Mechanical Engineers but also individuals with commendable personal traits to meet the diverse needs of the engineering and allied industries. We are dedicated to imparting quality education and mentoring students in extracurricular activities to enhance their personalities, perspectives, vision, and professional culture. This holistic approach ensures our graduates are not only employable but also valuable contributors to society and the engineering community.

Prof. (Dr.) Vinay J. Patel

Head, Mechanical Engineering Department