About R & D Cell


Research is one of the key areas where the impetus is given nationally and internationally. It has plans to cultivate academic and research collaborations with national and international universities, government agencies and industries to meet needs of society and the industry.



The R & D cell comprises of faculty members from various departments in the Institution. This committee observes the smooth and efficient co-ordination of research and development activities in the Institution for overall growth.

A senior faculty heads this cell in the capacity of Dean, R & D, with the Convener and Co-convener to provide advisory support along with members: Single point of contact (SPOC) from every department. Each department has the department representative for R&D activity who monitor the R&D activities of the department.



The cell encourages students and faculty members of the college to carry out sponsored R & D projects, AICTE-MODROB projects and submit articles to peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

The R&D cell helps to establish linkages with industry and premier research organizations by signing MoU.

Testing and consultancy activities are also promoted by the R&D cell. The research& innovation by students and faculty mentors can be extended to patent and product development with the help of Government funding for incubation under Student Starting & Innovation Policy (SSIP2017). The SSIP cell has nomination of faculty members and students from all departments.


Contact us:   researchcell@bvmengineering.ac.in