M. Tech. (Civil)  Transportation Engineering

Transportation infrastructure planning, design, construction operation, maintenance using state of art and advanced technology in the areas are need of present time. Programme covers areas of surface, subsurface, water, and air transportation with main focus on highways, pavement, urban transport planning and traffic engineering and management.

The transportation laboratory offers all major facilities to support the M.Tech.-TE Programme. The laboratory has facilities for highway materials aggregates, bitumen, bitumen and concrete mix design facilities. The equipment required for traffic related field studies-video based traffic data collection system, traffic speed radar, Noise meter, V-Box, D-GPS etc. are available. For pavement testing Bump integrator, Benkelman beam, Axle load and Core cutter etc. are available.

The software's like TranCAD, MXRoad, HDM—IV, Civil 3D, Open Roads, PTV Vissim and Arc GIS are available. The students will get first-hand experience of laboratory tests and field studies. They will also be trained on Trans CAD/Cube, Open Roads, Civil 3D, HDM-IV, Arc GIS,PTV Vissim, preparation of worksheets and related software’s.

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M. Tech. Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on protecting the natural environment through the development of sustainable technologies, efficient processes, and innovative solutions. The field is growing rapidly due to the increasing concern for the environment and the need for sustainable development.

Environmental Engineering offers a rewarding career that can make a real difference in the world. If you are passionate about protecting the environment and creating a sustainable future, consider pursuing a career in Environmental Engineering.

First of its kind in India with a thrust on infrastructure unique outcome based curriculum & internship Extensive infrastructure industry interface. The comprehensive curriculum ensures that a sound understanding of the subject and its sub-disciplines is developed.

The Environment laboratory offers all major facilities to support the M.Tech. Environment Programme. The laboratory has facilities for Water Testing, Wastewater Testing. The Instruments required for measurement of Ambient Air Quality, Stack Monitoring Instruments. Measurement of Noise Pollution. The software's like WaterGems, SewerGems and EPANET for design of pipe Network are available.

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M. Tech. (Civil) Construction Engineering and Management

The engineering and management are the two sides of the golden coin of mega construction project and need to go hand in hand. Our M.Tech Construction Engineering and Management keep a balance between the importance of advances in engineering and professional project management. The programme is structured to prepare our M.Tech graduates for mastering them in engineering with advance courses deciding with professional responsibilities. The curriculum has been revised from time to time to integrate the latest advancement in construction engineering and construction management. The Construction Engineering and Management programme offers graduates study leading to the Master of Technology degree. The focuses on professional programmes that successfully combine theory and practical aspects with a strong emphasis in applied management. The master's programme is with an advanced curriculum designed to imbibe the skill of the specialization requirements to meet individual interests and goals.

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