Designation Associate Professor
Department Electronics
Date of join 04/12/1997
Total experience Teaching : 23 Research : 7 Industry : 1
Paper published National : 24 International : 84
Paper Presented National : 24 International : 25
PhD Guide Field : RF and Wireless Communication University : GTU RK Charusat C U Shah
PhDs/Project Guided PhDs : 6 Projects Of Master Level : 10
Books published/IPRs/Patents 1.Multi-Element Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual-Band Operation -Germany,ISBN: 978-3-659-92031-8,July-2016, Written by Tejash Chavda, J M Rathod. 2.Roof mounted UHF antenna Auto motives -Germany,ISBN:978-3-659-91059-3,July-2016, Written by Jay Patel, Niraj Tevar, ,Dr.J M Rathod. 3.Face Recognition Invariant to Illumination using Hybrid Techniques -Germany, ISBN-13:978-3-659-58211-0, ISBN-10: 3659582115, EAN: 9783659582110, February 16, 2017-Written by U. K. Jaliya, Dr.J M Rathod. 4.Adaptive MIMO-OFDM System for Spectral Efficiency of Wireless System -Germany,ISBN: 978-3-659-71943-1,September-2018, Written by Rajvir Rana, Dr.J M Rathod. 5.Transmission Control Protocol over Satellite Links and Ad-Hoc Networks-An Analysis published -Germany,ISBN: 978-613-9-94900-7, November-2018, Written by Kaushika Patel, Dr.J.M.Rathod 6.Design of Microstrip Couplers using Novel Artificial Dielectrics -Germany,ISBN: 978-613-9-97705-5, December-2018, Written Dr. P.S.Bhakhar, Dr.J.M.Rathod, Dr.Vedvyas Dwivedi
Professional Membership IEEE,ISTE, IETE, IE(I),BES(I),IACSIT(Singapore),IAENG (Hong Kong)
Consultancy Activities 1. We Electronics Department have established RF and Microwave testing lab name as ELARC under TEQIP-II & CVM Support. Under this, we have Vector Network Analyzer (5 kHz-15 GHz), Scalar Network analyzer (3 KHz to 3 GHz). Spectrum analyzer (Working up to 3 GHz and Signal source generator for it. We are giving Testing and measurement facilities under RF and Microwave field. We have already given our service regarding testing to a different organization like GCET, ADIT, Charusat, SVIT, GEC Bhavnagar, SS College-Bhavnagar, G P Palanpur and more institute to come. Tested different device like Filters, Flexible Antenna, Synthetic aperture RADAR Antenna, RFID Antenna and so on. We are also offering this service to Industries. 2.Dr.J.M.Rathod & Dr.TA.Desai has successfully coordinated Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Organized by BJVM in collaboration with BVM Engineering College. Our resource persons were Dr.Namita Sathe and Dr.Mehul Shah, BVM. We have handover the fees received from BJVM Collage of Rs.13000/ on 06-12-2018 as a part of R&D fund.
Awards 1.Best Paper awarded in National Conference On Recent Trends In Engineering & Technology-2011 2.Awarded by BVM Engineering College in Recognition of valuable contribution & performance in Academic activities during the academic year 2011-12. 3.Awarded by BVM Engineering College in Recognition of valuable contribution & performance in Academic activities (Category: Overall) during the academic year 2015-16 Patent:1 submitted on 15-03-2019. Flying Military Tank. TEMP/E-1/7167/2019-MUM Patent:2 Submitted on 20-02-2019 Development of portable device for gesture based communication for mute people TEMP/E-1/30230/2019-MUM Patent:3 submitted on16-07-2019 Microstrip Couplers using Artificial Dielectric Substrate CBR Number : 17045 7-08-2019
Grant fetched 1. I am a member of team who has got a grant of Rs -10, 00,000/- laks Under MODROB Scheme, 2003 was received for updating Analog & Digital Communication Labs 2.Minor Research Project on Design and Analysis of Wireless Communication system for improvement in system parameters using Adaptive MIMO-OFDM submitted to GUJCOST and got 4,85,000/- for developing this area. 3.International Conference (ICRISET-2017), February 19-21, 2017 organized and establishing four funds in a Bank account, namely the Corpus Fund, Faculty Development Fund, Equipment Replacement Fund and Maintenance Fund. It is about Rs 10,30,771/- 4.Organized five STTP/FDP and Two national Workshop and establishing four funds in a Bank account, namely the Corpus Fund. It is about Rs 2,00,000/- 5.TEQIP-III—working as a core member who have submitted an Action Plan for the academic and administrative activities and got 7.00, 000, 00/- grant in November-2017. 6.SC/ST hostel proposal have been written and submitted to AICTE on 17/10/2017 of worth 200, 00,000 /- Rs and sanctioned by AICTE. 7.AICTE based MODROBS - Modernization & Removal of Obsolescence proposal submitted on 30th November-2017 for Advanced Communication Lab 13,35,000/- and Sanctioned by AICTE worth Rs 4 80 000/-.
Additional Information 1.QIP/ISTE/AICTE/ISTE Course Attended:-26 ,2.FDP.STTP Organized:-12, 3.Number of Seminar/Conference Attended so far:-31,4. Conference Organized:-05, 5.Number of events organized for Gujarat Government:03,6. Number of Work Shop Attended so far:- 40,7.Technical paper Presented in conference /Journals so far: - 108,8. Expert Talk Delivered: - 26, 9.Editor:- • Chief-Editor for International Journal of Recent Trends Electronics and Communication (IJRTEC) • Editor for Kalpa Publications (Kalpa Publications is a new series published by Easy Chair, 10.Reviewer:- in various Journals and conference: 23,11.Established the Center of Excellence in Electromagnetics and Antenna (ELARC) at Electronics Dept, BVM Engineering College.This ELARC is blessed by Er. Bhikhubhai Patel, Chairman-CVM,Er.Praysvin Patel-CMD, Elecon Pvt Ltd, Dr. Shiv Mohan, Former Director, ISRO, Er. B D Mehta, Director, Sales-Entuple Pvt Ltd on 03-10-2019.This lab is funded by TEQIP-II & TEQIP-III funded.

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