19 Oct
BE 6 and 8 Practical Hall ticket are lived now Winter-2019 (GTU)
19 Oct
Winter 2019 Exam Schedules
15 Oct
5 Oct
Exam Form Submission Winter - 2019 Exam
5 Oct
Mid Sem Examination Schedule 1st Sem M.TECH
3 Oct
Remedial Mid Sem Exam Schedules
3 Oct
Forms for Special Mid Sem Exam due to Genuine Reasons
24 Sep
Circular: Regular + Remedial GTU backlog students Exam form
19 Sep
Exam form for Semester 5 & 7 (GTU Students)
16 Sep
2nd Mid Semester Seating September 2019
12 Sep
Second Mid Sem Exam Schedules AY19-20
5 Sep
Mid/Remedial Exam GTU
23 Aug
Notice Rem Exam August 2019
13 Aug
Remedial End Sem Exam Schedule B.Tech., M.Tech., PDDC (Aug - 2019)
12 Aug
Re-Revised 1st Mid Sem Exam Schedule PDDC
29 Jul
Seating Arrangement for 1st Mid Sem Exam Odd Sem-2019-20
23 Jul
Remedial Exam Notice
6 Jul
List of NPTA Students for Remedial Mid Sem Exam
5 Jul
Remedial Mid Sem Exam Schedules
7 Jun
Reassessment Notice Summer 2019
3 Jun
Revised GTU Hall Tickets-BE- 3rd Sem
24 May
Change in the exam date of GTU Summer Exam 2019
23 May
GTU Hall Tickets BE SEM 1st & 2nd (SFI)
21 May
GTU Hall Tickets -1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th SEM
6 May
GTU Students Theory Hall Tickets (B.Tech (PDDC) Sem 4,5,6,7& 8)
6 May
Sem 4th & Sem 6th - GTU Theory Hall Tickets -Examination Summer-2019
2 May
GTU Practical or Theory Hall Tickets Summer Examination-2019 (BE-007/008)
26 Apr
Practical/viva Schedule (Summer-2019) (First Year Old Curriculum)
22 Apr
Practical Exam First Year Summer 2019
18 Apr
GTU Practical Hall Tickets -B.Tech Sem 05,06,07 & 8th Sem
13 Apr
List Of NPTA (Based on Marks) Summer-2019
13 Apr
UFM Notification
12 Apr
LA list for Summer 2019 Exam
12 Apr
B.Tech M.Tech & PDDC Seating Summer 2019
9 Apr
PDDC 2nd Sem (Reg) & 1 to 8 Sem (Remedial) Exam form Shedule
8 Apr
Pending exam Form Notice Summer-2019
30 Mar
GTU Exam Forms BE/PDDC 4-8Sem Circular
28 Mar
Summer 2019 Exam Schedules
27 Mar
25 Mar
Remedial Mid Semester Exam Schedule
25 Mar
GTU Exam Forms Circular
18 Mar
Second Mid Sem Exam seating Arrangement AY-2018-19
9 Mar
Notice for Exam Form for Regular Courses - Summer 2019 Exam
9 Mar
Notice and Exam Form for Backlog Courses - Summer 2019 Exam
12 Feb
Revised Remedial Seating B.Tech , M.tech & PDDC Feb 2019
31 Jan
UFM Notification Winter-2018
29 Jan
M.Tech 2nd Sem Mid Sem Exam Schedule
24 Jan
Important Notice for Remedial End Sem Exam ( Feb-2019)
23 Jan
Seating arrengement of (SEM-2,4,6,8) First Mid Sem Exam
22 Jan
Exam Schedule of First Mid Sem Examinations AY-2018-2019
12 Jan
Reassessment Notice & Form (Winter-2018)
31 Dec
Remedial Mid Sem Exam Schedules
28 Dec
GTU 1st & 2nd Sem. Theory Exam Hall Tickets (BE/PDDC)
8 Dec
1st Semester M.Tech NPTA List Winter 2018
5 Dec
1st M Tech Exam Seating Winter 2018
1 Dec
End Semester Exam Schedule for 1st Sem M.tech Program W-2018
26 Nov
1-Sem B.Tech Viva Schedule Winter - 2018
20 Nov
Supplementary List for Less Attendance (LA) students
20 Nov
LA lists for Winter 2018
15 Nov
Autonomous exam seating arrangement winter 2018
14 Nov
Important Notice: Examination
14 Nov
Additional NPTA List
13 Nov
NPTA LIST Winter 2018 (Based on Marks Criteria)
27 Oct
End Semester Exam Schedules Winter-2018
19 Oct
Autonomous Exam Notice winter 2018 exam